Throwdown Thursday
Throwdown Thursday is a weekly show centered around the characters in the films, books, TV, comics and more that we love, and love to hate! Patsy the Angry Nerd and Ashes von Nitemare talk-along with an occasional guest- about what impact that week's c...
11 days ago

TDT #291 - Panda-monium!

Patsy and Ashes discuss Meilin Lee from Turning Red!

18 days ago

TDT #290 - I Want a Sandwich, Have You Got Ham?

Patsy and Ashes are joined by Old Man Wade to talk The Batman!

26 days ago

TDT #289: Personas Non Grata

In the first episode after a long hiatus, Patsy and Ashes are back to discuss Roger Smith from American Dad!

3 months ago

TDT #288 - Larger Than Life is Just the Right Size

Patsy and Ashes offer their thanks to Wong Foo in this week's episode!

3 months ago

TDT #287 - Integral Madrigal

This week Patsy and Ashes discuss the Familia Madrigal from Disney's Encanto!

3 months ago

TDT #286 - Hashbrown Johnny Karate

Time to wrap up the Karate Kid 3-episode arc with Johnny Lawrence!

4 months ago

TDT #285 - Daniel-San Wax Off

Part two of the Karate Cobra series - Daniel LaRusso!

4 months ago

TDT # 284 - Strike Hard? Strike First? No, Mercy!

Patsy and Ashes are back with the first episode of 2022 to discuss Nariyoshi Keisuke Miyagi!

4 months ago

TDT #283 - The Year That Wouldn't End!

Patsy and Ashes are joined by a bunch of guests to give their top characters and movies of 2021!

5 months ago

TDT #282 - Winter Wonders from Other Lands

Let's talk about some European winter holiday characters and traditions!