Throwdown Thursday
Throwdown Thursday is a weekly show centered around the characters in the films, books, TV, comics and more that we love, and love to hate! Patsy the Angry Nerd and Ashes von Nitemare talk-along with an occasional guest- about what impact that week's c...
1 year ago

TDT #291 - Panda-monium!

Patsy and Ashes discuss Meilin Lee from Turning Red!

This week Patsy and Ashes are discussing the main character from a film that Ashes has seen 163 (number may or may not be accurate) times - Meilin Lee from Turning Red! They discuss who she is, how the events of the film shape her journey, her relationship with her parents (and their reaction to her abrupt changes), and what metaphors might be lurking under all that red fur. All this, plus battle results, and some fun musical numbers on this week's episode!

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