Throwdown Thursday
Throwdown Thursday is a weekly show centered around the characters in the films, books, TV, comics and more that we love, and love to hate! Patsy the Angry Nerd and Ashes von Nitemare talk-along with an occasional guest- about what impact that week's c...
5 months ago

TDT #310 - The Tree of Valinor, the Song of Gold

Patsy and Ashes get interviewed!

In a surprise twist, this week Patsy and Ashes are on the receiving end of an interview! Longtime listener and first-time guest Laurelyn joins the show as a part of her English assignment to interview interesting people! After a long, exhaustive search turned up no one interesting, Laurelyn is forced to chat with Patsy and Ashes instead! Laurelyn asks hard-hitting and thought-provoking questions that really make our hosts delve deep into emotional places. She also keeps them on their toes with smart responses to their questions as well. She's funny, she's smart, and she's the first person to ever interview Patsy and Ashes! All this and more (but what else do you need?) on this week's episode!

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